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What channel do the cleveland cavaliers play in?

Alright so what channel can you watch the cleveland cavaliers play in on verizon fios????

I think it is FSO, if it is what channel is that in fios????What channel do the cleveland cavaliers play in?
Unless you live in Cleveland

or have the League Pass then you can't watch their games on TV

and if you do live in cleveland look around on your tv guide...What channel do the cleveland cavaliers play in?
You mean what channel they are playing on. Check your channel guide.

Any suggestions for a great place to eat in Cleveland Ohio?

I will be in Cleveland Ohio on a week day in September and would love a few suggestions for a great place to eat. Anything from the hidden hole in the wall to the place that any visitor should not miss if they are in the area. Let me know. ThanksAny suggestions for a great place to eat in Cleveland Ohio?
Downtown, there are two prime dining districts -- East 4th St. and the Warehouse District. Almost all of the restaurants mentioned below have their menus online for both dinner and lunch. At some of the restaurants, reservations are recommended days ahead of time.

On East 4th St., across Euclid Ave. from The Arcade, the best restaurants IMO, in no order, are Lola Bistro, Chinato, Saigon, and Greenhouse Tavern. Through perhaps mid-October, East 4th St. is a pedestrian mall with outdoor patios. Sometimes the full menu is not served on the patios, so check if you're interested in sitting outdoors.

Lola Bistro is the flagship restaurant of Iron Chef Michael Symon, named the 2009 James Beard best chef for the Great Lakes region. Chinato offers mod Italian interpretations by chef Zack Bruell, who operates several of Greater Cleveland's top restaurants. Greenhouse Tavern chef/owner Jonathan Sawyer was just named one of the best new chefs for 2010 by Food %26amp; Wine. The Greenhouse Tavern also was named one of the nation's best new restaurants in 2009 by Bon Appetit. Saigon is a reasonably priced Vietnamese restaurant.鈥?/a>

Momocho is a mod Mex restaurant in Ohio City, a 5-10 minute drive from downtown. If you enjoy Mexican food, you might not want to miss Momocho, as it's likely different than any Mexican cuisine you've ever experienced.

In the Warehouse District, also downtown, Blue Point Grille is the destination of choice for seafood. If you've never had Cherry Bombs or Hot Balsamic Popcorn, consider dining at Crop Bistro %26amp; Bar, Cleveland's most innovative restaurant and also in the Warehouse District.

Sokolowski's in Tremont, also a 5-10 minute drive from downtown, is your hole-in-wall place, but one that is a favorite of visiting foodies and cable food networks. It's very reasonably priced and serves ethnic homestyle food in a cafeteria setting. Also in Tremont, is Lucky's Cafe, home of Cleveland's best breakfast in the opinion of many. Bring a GPS if you're planning to venture into Tremont.

Just across the river from downtown is the West Side Market (across the street from the West 25th St. red line rail rapid station), perhaps the best surviving public streetcar market in the U.S. and a leading Cleveland tourist destination. There are many vendors there that serve great food, such as Maha's Falafil. The market is only open certain days of the week.鈥?/a>

A short walk from the West Side Market is the Flying Fig and the Great Lakes Brewery, home of some of the nation's best beer.

In the University Circle area, L'Albatros, named as one of the best new restaurants in the U.S. in 2009 by Esquire, is my choice for lunch or dinner. It's a short walk from the art museum.

Tommy's, offering Cleveland's most eclectic menu, whether vegan, vegetarian, or carnivore, is a short drive from University Circle in the charming Coventry neighborhood. Rolling Stone said Tommy's served up the best milkshakes east of the Mississippi.

Slyman's is the deli of choice downtown.

If you want to take the rapid rail line from Tower City to Shaker Square, there are several top restaurants there, including the charming Balaton, Cleveland's most acclaimed Hungarian restaurant.鈥?/a>

If you like jazz, Nighttown would be the first choice, but Verve is a possibility.

Even though you have a rental car, you might want to check ingress and egress privileges at the parking garage you use. It might be cheaper to use RTA, which has $5 day passes and free trolleys downtown during business hours on weekdays, or a taxi.

Cleveland has developed a reputation as one of the best foodie centers in the Midwest, so your choices are many.

Enjoy your day in Cleveland!
I totally agree with this answer, esp. the order of restaurants.

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Any suggestions for a great place to eat in Cleveland Ohio?
There are a number of great restaurants, it depends on what neighborhood you are in and what type of restaurant you are looking for. Tremont, University Circle, and Little Italy are all hot spots in Cleveland that you don't want to miss. There are a number of great places, mostly local, in all of these neighborhoods.
Stino da Napoli is only a short drive from downtown. My brother loves going there every time he comes in from Texas. We were there again in late July and certainly each of us enjoyed our dinners. He says this is better Italian food than he can find anywhere in Houston. I know I love their food and have never been disappointed. But they don't take credit cards, so bring cash or a personal check! During the week, they're open 5:00 pm to 9:30 pm and reservations are suggested.

Stino da Napoli

19070 Old Detroit Rd.

Rocky River, Oh 44116


Do you have to be a certain age to enter Peabody's Downunder in Cleveland, Ohio?

I'm 14, and a few of my friends are planning on going to see never shout never, and boys like girls on thrusday at Peabodys downunder in Downtown Cleveland Ohio. Do we have to be a certain age to enter?Do you have to be a certain age to enter Peabody's Downunder in Cleveland, Ohio?
Call them.

They have different min age levels for diff events.

Does anyone know of a life coach in the cleveland oh area?

I am looking for a woman life coach in the cleveland area? I did a million searches, and can not find one. I am looking for one that is also a psychologist, so my insurance will cover it. If anyone can even find one for me in a search; it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.Does anyone know of a life coach in the cleveland oh area?
Life coaching is not covered by insurance even if the person doing the coaching is a licensed therapist. Some do both, however in order to be covered by insurance you have to be diagnoses from the DSM IV (Diagnostical and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and be receiving therapy.

I have a Master's Degree in counseling and chose life coaching because I was a very action oriented counselor and prefered to focus on the future and present vs. the past.

A great deal of coaching is done via the phone, consider looking on the internet for coaching pages that you like.

There is a fine line between coaching and counseling. If you find a therapist that does Brief therapy, or Solution Focused Therapy, that would be covered and still feel like coaching.

Hope that helps.

You can check out my website if you want to find out more about my practice:

www.stephaniehardwick.comDoes anyone know of a life coach in the cleveland oh area?
Just do the weekend class yourself and be your own life coach... Pffft

What will the weather be like this year in Cleveland in March?

What will weather in Cleveland during the month of March be like? Snowy, cold, warm, rainy?What will the weather be like this year in Cleveland in March?
Hard to say as yet. But hopefully the worst of winter will be gone and although not all that warm, you should be seeing some signs of Spring.

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  • Any bars in Cleveland showing the pacquiao vs mosley fight?

    Youngstown's Kelly Pavlik is fighting in the under card ...

    Cleveland, Mentor, Willoughby?Any bars in Cleveland showing the pacquiao vs mosley fight?
    Fox %26amp; Hound (Mayfield Hts and Parma locations) $10 cover charge

    Do you think the Cincinnati Bengals can beat the cleveland browns this weekend?

    i am a titan fan and in order for them to make the playoffs cleveland has to lose. so i want your opinon on who you think will win.Do you think the Cincinnati Bengals can beat the cleveland browns this weekend?
    It's possible. Cincinnati is good, but you never know what they're going to do week to week.

    Go Titans!!!
    Sorry, but Cincy hasn't a prayer against Cleveland's offensive line.Do you think the Cincinnati Bengals can beat the cleveland browns this weekend?
    definitly not. they lost to san francesco. and cleveland is way better then san fran!
    no,they just can't beat the browns this year
    i think cleveland wins in a rematch of there shoot out earlier this season
    Sorry, even though as a Steelers fan it would benefit Pittsburgh more if Cleveland lost (which means I have to root for the Bungles by default *o*), but they are a really good team this year and are playing good ball at the right time, as much as it pains me to say it. Maybe this can be one of the upsets of the week.

    Hopefully. Even though I am a Steelers fan, I am sort of in the situation as you are. If the Steelers do not win, then they will probably not win the division, and they do not stand a chance in the playoffs at a fifth or sixth seed, if they can even make it with a 10-6 or 9-7 record.
    Cincinnati has a great offense when they actually try, but it seems like they all only care about personal stats instead of winning. But if they decide they want to win then they have a good chance at beating the Browns, also it is a rivalry game and they always play really competitive games against each other, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Bengals pulled off an upset.

    I'm an Eagles fan and I only need about every NFC team to lose out to have my team in the playoffs, o well at least they beat the Cowgirls.
    Im sorry to say this but the Cleveland Browns will beat the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals cant even beat the 49ers....

    Obviously the Browns are better than the 49ers right now so the Bengals wont win.
    i am really happy i am not counting on the cincinnati bengals winning a game for my favorite team to make the playoffs! i think they are one of the worst teams in the nfl. but that game looks like it could get crazy. remember when they played earlier in the season there were almost 100 total points scored, so id say almost anythign can happen.

    thank god i am not counting on the bengals!!!!

    its bad enough your fave team has such an inconsisten quarterback, it really sucks you have to count on the bungles!
    cleveland will win
    i think that the browns are beatable. it all comes down to how well the Cincinnati bengals RB's do
    They could. But......unfortunatly for the Titans, I dont see it happening.

    There always is the any given sunday saying when anyone can be beat by anyone. But the Titans need to take care of business themselves.

    Itll be a close game, closer than most people think. But, I dont see it happening
    yes yes yes

    cinci wins this week!!!
    Cleveland will win, they're just an all around better team this year.
    i dont think so since the browns have a good shot at a division title they will be tough to beat.
    Im a Cincinatti fan, and this will be a close one this one will come down to whoever scores the most